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Grain Open Interest At Multi Year Lows

Grain Open Interest

If you’ve been following the grain markets for the last year or two, you’ve definitely seen that they’ve been on a wide ride. On August of 2020, the nearby active corn contract opened at $3.15/bu. Almost a year and a half later in April of 2022, the nearby active corn contract opened at $7.48/bu – […]

What Are Futures Contract Codes?

If you’re new to futures markets, or only look at a few futures markets, you may find yourself a bitconfused by the meaning of things like ZCZ3, or ZWH3. Those symbols are called Futures Contract Codes. Each of these codes is a unique identifier and represent the commodity being traded, the deliverymonth of the contract, […]

Why Are Futures Quotes Delayed?

The futures market has existed for hundreds of years. The first known market was the Dojima RiceExchange that was started in 1697. As time went on, exchanges slowly spread around the world. TheCBOT, or Chicago Board of Trade, was founded in 1848. Shortly after the LME, or London MetalsExchange, was founded 1877. These exchanges have […]

Grain and Oilseed Market Primer

Since commodities are all derived from some natural resource, it is important to understand those natural resources, their production practices, and the underlying market conditions. Without a firm understanding of these underlying principles, it is very hard to have a firm understanding of what is driving the markets. In the grain and oilseed market primer, […]